Proseal working around the clock to keep customers running

May 25, 2020

prosealThe fresh produce industry is one that truly stretches from farm to table. A web of organizations moving together strategically to provide consumers with the products that they need, day in and day out. Proseal, a leading manufacturer of tray sealing equipment, plays a vital role in ensuring that all of the efforts deployed by the supply chain are concluded by the produce arriving to the consumer plate safely, efficiently and in the freshest state possible.

With over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, Proseal is a world leader in introducing and proliferating new and innovative packaging formats, completing multiple marketplace transformations by sharing its expertise on effective packaging techniques for a multitude of different products.

Key to Proseal’s ongoing success is the consistent delivery of leading-edge quality in both manufacturing and overall machine design. This is backed by an unrivalled level of aftermarket support, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

As testament to its dedication to customer success, Proseal continues to work around the clock in the current unprecedented times, to supply customers with the machinery and parts that they need while seasonal machinery rental options continue to be available where a full machine purchase may not be feasible.

Proseal’s core machinery range features models from compact bench-top equipment, to fully automated, high capacity in-line machines that can seal over 240 packs per minute.

As part of its efforts to future-proof its machine design the modern GT trays sealing range can be retrofitted with the newest and best technological innovations as and when they become available, helping to protect customer investment long into the future.

The flexible, five-minute tool-change on any Proseal GT machine means endless varieties of tray formats can be sealed on one machine and swapped between easily with a one-button recipe set-up, meaning minimal downtime.

Key to all areas of the food production environment is space utilization, and because of this Proseal’s equipment offers one of the smallest footprints vs. capacity on the market today, allowing producers to maximize their throughput in the space available within their factory.

At the core of Proseal’s values is innovation, which is demonstrated through its all its machine technology. ProMotion, a continuous motion infeed system, particularly well suited to the fast-paced produce sector, allows productivity and efficiency to be increased by up to 25 percent. It features in-time motion monitoring, meaning that the machine can automatically speed up or slow down the pace at which trays are fed, allowing for calm machine operations and reduced downtime.

Many customers have taken advantage of the additional connectivity offered by ProVision, Proseal’s online OEE and downtime analyzer. This technology enables the Proseal service team to help customers to spot evolving machine problems through key indicators delivered by the software’s analytics. Not only does this provide a prediction of downtime but when the equipment does need attention there is historic data that describes the chain of events prior to a stoppage.

ProVision also allows Proseal engineers to remotely dial into the machine while speaking with the engineers on site in order to directly diagnose faults. This results in minimized disruption to production, with the ambition of saving both the customer’s time and money, avoiding any unnecessary site visits and offering additional peace of mind.

At the forefront of Proseal’s commitment to more sustainable solutions is Eseal, which offers operators a high precision, high force electrical delivery system that significantly reduces air consumption by up to 92 percent and increases overall productivity due to a reduced seal time.

In line with changing consumer demand for more eco-friendly solutions, Proseal offers the technology to seamlessly integrate alternative materials into all its seal functions.

Proseal is part of the JBT Corp. family, a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing industry, committed to providing a service that surpasses customer expectations.

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