Kid’s Choice Fresh Produce watermelons seeing strong sales

kidschoiceWhen the coronavirus pandemic hit, those working at Kid’s Choice Fresh Produce Inc. weren’t sure what to expect, and assumed it would mean a decrease in business early-on. However, that hasn’t been the case at all.

“We’re still going, and in fact, we’re selling more watermelons than we usually do at this time,” said Tom Glenos, owner and president of the Weston, FL-based company, which as Kid’s Choice Watermelons, grows and ships watermelon from several locations in Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, and Michigan. “We believe that nothing is more important than giving a child the best watermelons available. The dedicated buyers, growers, and distributors of Kid’s Choice Watermelons have committed themselves to providing children with the sweetest, most nutritious watermelons available.”

The company has a full spring and summer program, growing watermelon on approximately 1,800 acres. It starts in late-April and goes through the beginning of October each year.

“Our crops are looking pretty good,” Glenos said. “The early heat in March helped us bring them out earlier, so we are about 10 days ahead in Florida.”

As a company that’s found a strong niche with the summertime favorite, distributing the watermelon from each of its growing locations, it’s able to send product from store to farm in under 48 hours.

According to Glenos, that lets retailers — and the consumers they service — enjoy the freshest watermelon available.

“Summer is the perfect time for watermelon,” he said. “Business is strong. COVID-19 is making people eat at home more instead of going out to eat, and many families are buying watermelon, so we are seeing an uptick in sales.”

The company started providing high-graphic bins to its retail partners about seven years ago, which Glenos noted helps to add interest and excitement to any produce department. It boasts vibrant colors, high-quality graphics and the Kid’s Choice label.

“It’s something that can grab people’s attention in the produce aisles. It could be kids or moms — that’s who we market to and that’s who buys them,” he said. “If a retailer wants superior watermelons packed in the best high-graphic bin on the market, we have that.”

The company continues to grow every year, though there’s nothing too dramatic expected in 2020. Still, Glenos said any opportunity to improve and increase production, he will do to ensure he’s offering the best watermelon on the market.

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