Tim Linden

Retail Editor


Tim Linden grew up in a produce family as both his father and grandfather spent their business careers on the wholesale terminal markets in San Francisco and Los Angeles. His family produce industry ties continue as he still has two brothers in the growing-shipping end of the business.

Tim graduated from San Diego State University in 1974 with a degree in journalism. Shortly thereafter he joined The Packer as a desk editor and was promoted to Western editor in 1976. He remained there for eight years, leaving in 1983 to join Western Growers Association as editor of its monthly magazine. In 1986, Tim launched Champ Publishing as an agricultural publishing specialty company.

Today he is a contract publisher for several trade associations and writes extensively on all aspects of the produce business. He began writing for The Produce News in 1997, and was named retail editor shortly after that. In addition to his retail-oriented stories, Tim also writes a regular column called Technology at Work, which is devoted to the fast-changing techological sector of the produce industry.

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