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Avocado-focused restaurant to drive avo-innovation on menus nationwide
America's avocado obsession is being served in new, innovative dishes in Dallas as Avocados From Mexico, in partnership with Trinity Groves, just opened the world’s first polished-casual restaurant focused entirely on avocados. Featuring 29 avocado dishes, 10 avocado cocktails and a full bar, AvoEatery aims to drive innovation on menus nationwide. Avocados From Mexico supplies 84 percent of the U.S. avocado market, and the... Read more

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Fresh Farms powers ahead after dramatic changes
RIO RICO, AZ— The past year has brought deep sorrow and tremendous progress for Fresh Farms LLC. The sad news, of course, was the untimely passing of Jerry Havel on July 17, 2019. Havel was Fresh Farms’ director of sales and marketing. He was universally liked for his good humor, positive attitude and warm kindness to others. He was also appreciated and respected... Read more

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Divine Flavor’s 12-month grape plan reaches maturity
Divine Flavor LLC, a longtime table grape grower-shipper rooted in Sonora, in recent years has aggressively spread its operations along the Pacific coast. As those vineyards matured, Divine Flavor, based in Nogales, AZ, will be able to consistently fulfill its year-round grape program. Divine Flavor’s sales team will be offering fruit from Peru, Chile, Jalisco,... Read more


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Longtime organic expert joins Viva Tierra Organic
Longtime organic expert Chris Ford has joined Viva Tierra Organic, a leading grower and marketer of organic apples and pears, in the role of business development and marketing manager as the company looks toward a strong season of South American fruit. Viva Tierra is among the largest suppliers of organic... Read more