Big changes ahead for Castellini

The Castellini Group of Cos. announced the next phase in the company’s growth plan, including the physical expansion of the Castellini Co. facility in Wilder, KY, to now house Crosset Co. and Grant County Foods.cast

"The landscape of our industry is changing at a rapid pace," the comapny said in a statement. "In our 125 years of operations, Castellini has invented or adopted the innovations necessary to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

"Anticipating what’s next, we are excited to share a two-fold plan that capitalizes on Castellini’s full-service capabilities, and introduces an even easier, more agile, efficient and technologically advanced way to partner with our companies, customers and our growers-shippers," the statement continued.

The investment to combine its business lines into one expanded facility in Wilder will allow the organizations to provide customers with a new level of efficiency and service. The fully integrated company will retain the Castellini name.

The company is also unveiling a new integrated supply chain technology solution designed to drive operation excellence and add value to customers and grower-shippers.

Advantages of our custom designed operating system:

  • Provide customers and grower-shippers more online, digital services than ever before including account portals, online ordering and digital inventory availability.
  • Employ advanced technology to help us plan, service and manage our operations at the highest efficiency.
  • Deliver the highest quality product in any given market condition by rotating inventory even more quickly and plan inventory movements more efficiently by consolidating inventory from three different locations.
  • Back-office automation that will consolidate orders, inventories, and accounting functions such as billing, payables, and receivables. Customers will only need to contact us once to access all of the products and services of the group.

“Our goal is very clear: to be an indispensable value at every touchpoint in the supply chain. We will continue to engineer and design better, simpler solutions for our customers,” said Brian Kocher, president and chief executive officer of Castellini Group of Cos.

The company will execute this transformation over the next eight months. In the near future, it will launch a fresher and updated Castellini branding campaign that reinforces the unique aspects of its culture and articulates our promise to customers. 

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