Sustainable greenhouse lettuce operation expanding to SoCal


Revol Greens, a leader in advanced technology greenhouse-grown lettuce and greens based in Minnesota, has entered into an agreement with Equilibrium to develop a 16-acre advanced technology automated lettuce and leafy greens greenhouse near Los Angeles in Tehachapi, CA. The project will anchor Equilibrium’s state-of-the-art 64-acre greenhouse, which the Oregon-based sustainable real assets investment manager recently acquired from SunSelect Produce, a California based hydroponic vegetable grower.

Revol Greens currently operates a 10-acre greenhouse at its base in Minnesota, which services national retailers and food service customers and reaches over 300 regional retail stores and hundreds of restaurants across the Midwest.

The Tehachapi facility is Revol Greens' next major investment in the company’s “five years, five facilities” plan to become the nationwide leader in the high-quality, regionally sourced, safe, and sustainable production of leafy greens.  While most greenhouse lettuce growers are looking to East Coast production, Revol Greens chose California, the country's main source for lettuces and leafy greens. 

Outdoor lettuce growers in California and Arizona have been challenged with changing climate conditions, food-safety outbreaks, and scarce water resources, which are all competitive advantages of Revol Greens’ advanced technology growing. “Not only is Tehachapi an outstanding growing climate located near 22 million Southern California residents, but it is also just north of the Riverside area, which is a major distribution hub of many of our retail and foodservice customers,” said Brendon Krieg, Revol Greens partner.

Each of the Revol Greens facilities, including Tehachapi, will leverage the company’s proprietary sustainable controlled environment growing platform and processes to grow lettuces that use 90 percent less water and are more energy efficient than field production. Revol Greens highly automated leafy greens greenhouses also incorporate automated machine harvesting and a hands-free packing process for clean, traceable, and consumer safe packaging of lettuces and mixed leafy greens.

“Given the scarcity of water resources in California, where agriculture accounts for 80 percent of total water use, we wanted to bring a sustainable solution to the region and challenge the way we think about traditional growing. Revol Greens has developed the technology to grow fresh, 365 days a year in-region produce, from the harsh winter and humid summer climates of Minnesota to the dry, hot desert climates of Southern California,” said Krieg.

“Scalability is now the biggest challenge in the controlled environment agriculture space,” said David Chen, chairman of Equilibrium. “We are proud to partner with and invest in the best-in-class advanced technology greenhouse operators in North America, like AppHarvest and Revol Greens, to meet this exploding demand. We are proud to support Revol Greens in their five years, five facilities plan. We believe, in 2020, with their 26 acres of total greenhouse growing space, equivalent to over 1,000 acres of open field production, Revol Greens is poised to be the leader in advanced technology greenhouse lettuce and leafy greens grown in the US. Equilibrium and our partners are well positioned to meet the growing retail, foodservice and consumer demand for fresh, safe, and local foods.”

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