Crunch Pak co-branding with The Produce Moms

Crunch Pak and The Produce Moms have taken their partnership to a new level by co-branding Crunch Pak sliced apple bags with The Produce Moms logo, currently available are 12-ounce bags (sweet, tart, mixed) and 10-ounce bags (peeled and organic).  Future plans also include a two-ounce bag to be developed for foodservice.  Awareness for this new Crunch Pak and TPM co-branded product line will be supported through a campaign of targeted traditional and social media marketing.mixed-back

Since Crunch Pak joined The Produce Moms family of trusted partners in August of 2017, TPM has been a powerful source of consumer engagement for the Crunch Pak brand.  The opportunity to do a co-branded product line was discussed in 2018 and the brand partners worked on the concept and retail placement over the past year. 

“Crunch Pak is a brand that is known for aligning with trusted brands of influence as a means to better connect with the shopper,” said Crunch Pak Executive Vice President and Co-founder Tony Freytag.  “Crunch Pak identifies with The Produce Moms as a brand that connects with women and moms interested in consuming more fruits and vegetables, so this co-branded packaging between Crunch Pak and TPM makes perfect sense.”

In 2012, Lori Taylor started The Produce Moms as an idea and blog with a mission to get Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables.  TPM has evolved into a global community of more than 1.4 million users in all 50 states and over 30 countries, nearly 100 brand partnerships with grocers and suppliers, a North American relationship with Nickelodeon and Viacom and a national partnership with Kroger. 

“It has always been a goal of The Produce Moms to have the TPM brand featured alongside the brand of one of our produce partners,” said Taylor.  “When Crunch Pak approached us about the possibility of including the TPM logo on their sliced apple bags, we all realized the consumer recognition factor that this arrangement would afford those who put the Crunch Pak brand on their shelves.”

“We are so excited to be a part of the continued growth and success with The Produce Moms," said Freytag. "Lori’s enthusiasm is contagious in how she relates to her followers.”

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