Trucco's new red kiwifruit arrives

Trucco Inc., headquartered on the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, announced that early in the last week of November, a container of red kiwifruit arrived at the company’s new, cutting-edge kiwifruit distribution center in Vineland, NJ.Truccored-kiwifruit

Nick Pacia, president and chief executive officer of Trucco, said that the offer of red Italian kiwifruit is a first for the company.

“We have spent the past 20 years evolving into one of the largest distributors of kiwifruit in the United States,” said Pacia. “We are well known for our high-quality green, gold and organic varieties. This new red kiwifruit program provides Trucco with the ability to provide our customers and consumers with a more diverse selection of kiwifruit.”

The red kiwifruit is currently available from Trucco in limited quantities. Pacia said the company is looking to gauge consumer reaction by putting the product on shelves, and it will evaluate future distribution plans from there.

“Growers in Italy have been working for years to develop the new red variety as they seek unique ways to fulfill the growing demand within the kiwifruit category,” explained Pacia. “The recent success of the gold varieties in the United States — as well as globally — has pushed the industry to look at kiwifruit in a different way. Changing consumer trends has brought kiwifruit mainstream and will open opportunities for this uniquely red-colored fruit to succeed. Growers can spend more of their resources investing in improving the quality of unique products, knowing consumers will respond positively.”

Pacia pointed out that from the outside, a red kiwifruit appears similar to the gold variety with its smooth skin. The difference, however, is on the inside. After slicing open the new variety people will be surprised to see a vibrant red core.

“When it comes to flavor, the red kiwifruit stands on its own with a robust berry splash in addition to the usual sweet kiwi taste,” said Pacia. “The red variety is an exciting tropical addition to the kiwifruit category.”

Founded in 1937 in New York City, Trucco is one of the largest importers of a vast variety of branded and unbranded produce from around the world. While Italian chestnuts were the staple of the company for decades, Trucco has expanded to include an assortment of products such as kiwifruit, garlic, fresh figs, citrus, as well as dried fruits and nuts. Trucco's brands include KiwiStar, TruStar and Fresco.

“With distribution centers in New York and New Jersey we are committed to providing logistical support to customers while we uphold our infrastructure to import and distribute the very best products from coast to coast,” noted Pacia.

“We search the globe to create strategic alliances directly with growers who meet our extremely high standards,” he continued. “Our strong partnerships enable us to be involved in the growing process which guarantees the quality of our products. Trucco is food-safety compliant, and we work diligently to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace. Trucco provides year-round supplies on many of our programs.”

The company consistently strives to be an industry leader in innovation. Being at the forefront of new opportunities, such as the new red kiwifruit, is a priority for Trucco, especially given its dedication to kiwifruit.

“With our modern distribution capabilities, we are the right company to push this red treat into the spotlight where it can compete for space on retail shelves,” stressed Pacia. “While still in the early stages, Trucco is excited for the possibilities the new kiwifruit variety brings.” For more information, contact Sasha Lopresti.

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