Remarkable times and Nogales’ ongoing growth

nogales, az — These are remarkable times in the history of Nogales’ produce industry.

This border crossing receives the United States’ greatest volume of fresh Mexican tomato imports, so no U.S. tomato distribution group has a greater vested interest in Tomato Suspension Agreement wars with Florida.

These traders are reluctant to risk fanning the flames by publicly commenting on the situation.

Lance-JungmeyerLance JungmeyerMore than one Nogales tomato distributor noted that his industry awaits word from the U.S. International Trade Commission on a final ruling on this trade. That ruling is due before Thanksgiving.

But, whatever the final ruling, the Nogales tomato traders seem remarkably calm about the situation. It is what it is, they say. Mexican tomato hothouses are producing fruit at a very fast rate. And the rest is going to be the details.

Another remarkable matter here is skyrocketing growth of south Texas as a Mexican produce distribution point.

Most of the Nogales distributors we interviewed for this fall Nogales feature are, to one degree or another, shipping through Texas. It doesn’t take a geography teacher to see the logic of reaching eastern markets from Texas.

Nogales distributors see this development as an opportunity more than a threat. Working through Texas improves their business. Meanwhile, Nogales is the smart choice for distribution to vast western markets.

And the Nogales industry steadfastly continues work to build a new cold inspection warehouse at its Mariposa crossing.

This will preserve the cold chain for perishable products, notably berries, which are chosen for government border inspections.

This facility is expected to substantially increase Nogales’ volume, and reach to western Canada, including new business through the Rocky Mountain states.

New private facilities are springing up all around Nogales and nearby Rio Rico.

These are all signs that Nogales distributors are very positive through their vision of a very bright future.

No matter how challenging some obstacles may appear.


With this discussion, it is necessary to salute to the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas.

The highly-capable staff, led by President Lance Jungmeyer, is doing a tremendous job of lobbying on behalf of the Nogales industry, and its grower-partners.

The FPAA is behind the scenes on a great number of matters to help Nogales’ produce industry to prosper.

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