Bee Sweet Citrus sets focus on specialty varieties

California’s citrus domestic season is here, and the Bee Sweet Citrus team is encouraging consumers to set their sight on specialty citrus varieties.

“Throughout the winter months, consumers can expect to see several different citrus varieties available at their local retailer,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Sales Representative Joe Berberian. “Right now, we have mandarins and Navel oranges available, as well as several specialty citrus varieties such as Pummelos, Meyer Lemons and Cara Cara navels.”

Cara-Cara-Navel California’s domestic season runs between the months of October through June and brings a plethora of specialty citrus varieties to retailers and consumers throughout the nation. From kitchen staples such as lemons and navels, to exotic varieties such as Cara Cara navels, customers can look forward to the return of their seasonal favorites.

“California’s Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing citrus,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Vice President of Farming Keith Watkins. “Because citrus is sensitive towards extreme temperatures, we’re able to harvest citrus year-round, and focus on specialty varieties during the winter months.”

Specialty citrus varieties are known for their distinct characteristics and exceptional flavor. Cara Cara navels, for example, are quite remarkable with their vibrant pink color and powerful antioxidant properties, while Meyer lemons are often sought out as a flavorful ingredient for seasonal cuisine. While all varieties provide consumers with unique flavor profiles, they are only available for a limited time.

“The domestic season is an exciting time for our team because we have the opportunity to showcase amazing varieties,” continued Berberian. “While there’s no doubt that citrus has become a staple for many homes, our specialty varieties are here to remind consumers why California’s citrus is so special.”

All of Bee Sweet’s specialty citrus is grown under the close watch of the company’s farming department and meets strict quality standards to ensure consumers an exceptional piece of fruit.

For more information regarding Bee Sweet’s variety availability, visit www.beesweetcitrus.com.

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