IPC teams up with Chobani to create festive recipe campaign

For the first time, the Idaho Potato Commission has collaborated with Chobani, America’s #1 Greek Yogurt brand, to create a festive recipe campaign promoting America’s favorite holiday side dish, mashed Idaho potatoes made with Chobani Greek Yogurt.

04582223-c77e-4bf3-8c73-c981fce344c9 The recipe celebrates two of Idaho’s most important agricultural industries: potatoes and dairy, which generate billions of dollars for the state of Idaho annually. The campaign will culminate with an exciting announcement: the fourth Thursday of November has been declared National Mashed Idaho Potato Day by National Day Archives, a national registry for special days and events. 

“The collaboration between Chobani and the Idaho Potato Commission — two organizations that support their communities and help local businesses thrive — strengthens our state, making Idaho the place where our children and grandchildren will choose to stay and raise their families,” Idaho Governor Brad Little said. “National Mashed Idaho Potato Day puts a well-deserved spotlight on our Idaho potatoes during a time of the year when mashed potatoes are the centerpiece at dinner tables around the country.”

Kicking off in November, IPC and Chobani are thrilled to present the release of a new mashed Idaho potato recipe featuring Chobani Greek Yogurt. Both organizations will promote the recipe on their websites and social media pages throughout the month. The campaign culminates during the last week of November with the celebration of National Mashed Idaho Potato Day, which also happens to coincide with Thanksgiving.

“We’re proud to partner with Chobani, a company with strong roots in Idaho that produces a high-quality product enjoyed by millions of consumers around the country, just like Idaho potatoes,” explained Frank Muir, president and chief executive officer of the Idaho Potato Commission. “Additionally both foods are healthy, affordable and promote active lifestyles. Most importantly this collaboration supports the state’s economy and Idaho farmers.”

For more information about the partnership and to view the new recipe visit https://idahopotato.com/idaho-potato-chobani

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