Wonderful spotlights array of products at PMA Fresh Summit

ANAHEIM, CA — The Wonderful Company used the PMA Fresh Summit to showcase new elements of its promotional campaign for Halos, pistachios and its brand-new line of seedless lemons.seedless-lemons

For its popular Halos brand of mandarin oranges, Wonderful is launching a family-friendly animated YouTube series called Camp Halohead that is set to debut in November. The series is set in a summer camp for young mandarins, who strive for Pure Goodness while confronting the good and bad choices they make in everyday situations. The series is designed to reinforce the connections between Wonderful Halos, healthy snacking and family fun and entertainment.

“This marks the first time a produce company is launching a YouTube series,” said Zak Laffite, chief sales officer. “It also plays off the quality theme in that not every mandarin is worthy of being a Halo.”

Laffite said that Wonderful is in a unique position, in that 95 percent of the product farmed by the company is under its complete control, from the ground, through the harvest and packing to the retail produce department.

“We are focusing on quality and investing more in household penetration,” he said. “Our goal is to get kids and parents to make better choices when it comes to snacking.”

For its shelled pistachio line, Wonderful continued promoting two new flavors it recently unveiled, Chili Roasted and Honey Roasted, which give consumers two distinct flavor options – heat and sweet.

Laffite said that since Wonderful launched the shelled pistachio line in 55,000 stores nationwide, the portfolio has experienced 27 percent dollar growth.

“Pistachios are the original plant-based protein products and we’re trying to be the leader in plant-based protein,” he said. He added that Wonderful held a symposium with influencers and the company will use the data garnered from that in its upcoming promotions.

Perhaps the highlight of Wonderful’s promotional activities around the PMA Fresh Summit was the official launch of its seedless lemons. Laffite said Wonderful conducted a soft launch at the PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo in July, and the reception was outstanding.

“We will have limited volume in our first year, about 10 percent of what we will eventually do,” he said. “We’ve made big investments in this line and it will eventually be available year round. We’ll have plantings in California in the Central Valley and on the coast, and in Mexico as well.”

Wonderful seedless lemons are naturally seedless, Non GMO Project verified and have all the attributes people want, without the inconvenient seeds, said Laffite.

“Consumers are looking for a frictionless experience [with lemons], and this gives them that experience,” he said. “We surveyed consumers, and eight of 10 said they wanted a seedless lemon.”

The seedless lemons will be available in both retail and foodservice packs, with different packaging for each. Wonderful expects them to be extremely popular with chefs, who will no longer have to worry about seeds winding up in their culinary creations.

Wonderful will support the launch of the seedless lemons with in-store POS materials and a social media campaign.

Finally, Wonderful featured its popular POM drinks to remind people of the health benefits of pomegranate juice.

“We are going back to our roots and returning to our Antioxidant Powerhouse campaign,” said Laffite. “POM has four times the antioxidants of green tea, and we want to maintain the drive of our product and stay with our core consumer.

Laffite commented that Wonderful received an unexpected celebrity boost, when Kylie Jenner touted POM on her Instagram account. “That resulted in a big uptick in activity for POM,” he said.

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