FPAA finalizes fall convention sessions

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas has finalized an exciting list of speakers for its 51st annual Produce Convention & Golf Tournament.  The convention will be held Nov. 7-9 in Tubac, AZ, located just north of one the largest ports of entry for fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico.  

The speakers and education sessions will be held on Thursday, Nov. 7 and are a good way for visitors to immerse themselves in the Nogales produce industry and the global initiatives and opportunities in the business.  

“Every year we work to bring engaging speakers to cover relevant topics that impact our members and their partners in the industry,” said Lance Jungmeyer, FPAA president.  “The caliber of speakers and the knowledge they bring to the table is a valuable part of our annual event. This year is no exception.”

This year key produce industry leaders will tell their story about how they became part of the produce industry and their experiences. Storytelling speakers include Raquel Espinoza from Produce House, Walter Ram from Giumarra Cos. and Jaime Chamberlain from Chamberlain Distributing. The keynote speaker this year will be Rick Stein from FMI, who will present on the Power of Fresh.  

The FPAA is also excited to present the 75th anniversary celebration of the association itself,  through a historical gallery that will be open in the tack room of the resort. Guests will have the opportunity to look through artifacts dating back up to 75 years. The association was founded in 1944, first as the West Mexico Vegetable Distributors Association. Later, the name was changed to the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, to represent the changing nature of the supply chain.

“FPAA has such a great history, and a great future,” said FPAA Chairman Scott Vandervoet. “We can’t wait to share in the celebration and storytelling with our members and guests.”

To commemorate the history, the FPAA worked on a historical project with Axel Holm, son of Walter Holm, co-founder of the West Mexico Vegetable Distributors Association. This project will also be featured at the historical gallery. There will also be a raffle and treats for guests to enjoy.

Don’t Miss the Culinary Showcase:
Chefs from Arizona and Mexico will take center stage as they incorporate the flavors of produce from Nogales at the fourth Culinary Showcase-Top Dishes out of Mexico’s Top Produce. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample appetizers, learn about different dishes, taste the fresh produce incorporated in the recipes and at the same time enjoy the music of Marimba Sahuaro from Nogales, Sonora.

The FPAA Convention will be held at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa, which is located a few miles north of Nogales, AZ. Tubac is also conveniently located just 45 minutes south of the Tucson International Airport.  Companies interested in registering for the event or that have more questions are encouraged to contact the FPAA office at 520/287-2707 or visit www.freshfrommexico.com.


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