Avocados from Chile enters second year of partnership with Chilean PGA champion Joaquin Niemann

The Chilean Avocado Importers Association is excited to announce a second year of partnership with Chilean PGA Tour golf professional Joaquin Niemann. Niemann will play a key role in Avocados from Chile social media and advertising programs.

CAIA-fall2019LandOfAvocados-EatLikePro-300x250st-x2d CAIA first started working with Niemann in the fall of 2018, when he had just become a Special Temporary Member on the PGA Tour, the youngest to achieve this since Sergio Garcia in 1999. Niemann proceeded to have four top ten finishes during the 2019 PGA tour and started the 2020 tour just a few weeks ago with his While Niemann continues on the PGA Tour he will also extend his official role as Brand Ambassador for Avocados from Chile, speaking to consumers through the association’s U.S. marketing program.

With content developed by Vancouver-based advertising and design agency of record, If Communications, the partnership will include social media, digital TV spots and trade advertising.

“We always knew there was something special about Joaquin, but the journey he’s had over the past year has been phenomenal. We’re so happy for him,” shared Karen Brux, CAIA’s managing director. “In our marketing approach from Avocados from Chile, we strive to share the unique qualities of Chile that contribute to the supply of consistently great avocados, and we can’t think of a more authentic way to showcase the country than partnering with Joaquin.”

CAIA recently completed a video and photo shoot near Niemann’s home in Florida. Niemann commented, “The past year has been an incredible journey for me, and it’s been great having Avocados from Chile by my side. I grew up with avocados and they’re still a big part of my daily diet, so this is a really natural and healthy partnership.”

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