Apeel Sciences brings industry leaders into its supplier network

Apeel Sciences, one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies and a CNBC 2019 Disruptor 50, announced its supplier partnerships, enabling a consistent year-round supply of Apeel avocados, limes, asparagus and apples for U.S. retailers and consumers.Supplier-Announcement-Image-15AUG2019

This growing network of innovative grower-packer-shippers are committed to using Apeel’s plant-derived technology to deliver longer-lasting freshness and less waste on retail shelves and in homes across the country. 

Apeel, based in Santa Barbara, CA, provides its strategic suppliers with access to the company’s deep expertise in science and technology, sophisticated data about shelf-life extension, and a myriad of future supply chain solutions and in-store brand activations.

“Apeel’s supplier network allows us to connect with retailers and other companies who look to technology for solutions that deliver superior products, increase profits and reduce our environmental footprint,” said Gordon Robertson, chief revenue officer at Apeel Sciences. “We’re proud and honored to stand with this incredible network of industry leaders who are shaping the future of food.” 

Apeel’s expansion into the asparagus, lime and apple categories builds on the company’s success with avocados at retailers including Kroger and Harps, and Apeel’s technology continues to demonstrate a greater than 50 percent reduction in food waste at the retail level.

In shipping trials from Peru into the U.S. and Europe, Apeel Asparagus demonstrated nearly 50 percent less water loss in refrigerated and ambient temperatures, adding enough shelf life to enable new transportation modes.

The performance results for Apeel limes are equally compelling, with an average shelf life extension of three times and a 60 percent reduction in mass loss. 

“Together, we have taken the idea of eliminating food waste and collectively engineered a comprehensive program that delivers on that mission, every day, while enhancing the consumer experience when it comes to enjoying ripe avocados,” said Mike Wise, president of the Horton Fruit Company. “We look forward to being a part of this evolution and providing shoppers with even more choices of fresh, Apeel treated produce, in the future.”  

“The ability to extend shelf life with Apeel is an incredible value-add that we see,” said Walter Yager, chief executive officer of Alpine Fresh. “In addition to bringing dollars and value per box for us and our retail customers, Apeel will allow us to provide a better product for our consumers.”  

“The Sage Fruit/Olympic Fruit team is honored to collaborate and work directly with Apeel Sciences,” said Chuck Sinks, president of sales and marketing for Sage Fruit Co. “When two companies can work together at this level to provide the consumer with a great product, we feel that everyone wins. This amazing product has the potential to extend the shelf life of produce, ultimately benefiting the consumer, retailer and the grower. The impact that Apeel has on longer lasting fruit quality is outstanding.”

Produce suppliers and retailers interested in Apeel’s supplier network can get in touch via the Apeel business form.

Apeel’s supplier network partners include:

  • Avocados: Del Monte, Eco Farms, Del Rey, Horton Fruit Co. and RV Aguacates 
  • Asparagus: Alpine Fresh, Beta, Farm Direct Supply and La Venta
  • Limes: SiCar Farms
  • Organic Apples: Olympic/Sage Fruit

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