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Dayka & Hackett launches environmentally friendly grape packaging

Dayka & Hackett announced the availability of its newly designed Eco-Tote for table grapes. The unique paper used in the Eco-Tote is bio-degradable, compostable and recyclable. IMG 6261

The colorful design appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and those just looking for a fresh approach to how they purchase grapes. The move to environmentally friendly packaging is a priority for the company, and this is just one more way Dayka & Hackett is meeting the needs of its customers.

“Plastic waste is an apparent issue worldwide and its effects on our environment are saddening” said Brett Burdsal, business development/sales. “A healthy environment is important to our agricultural industry and for this reason we sought out a way to do our part in making a difference. By purchasing this bag of grapes, not only will you taste the difference, but you will also be the difference. This bag was designed to be recyclable, reused and as a last resort, biodegradable. We encourage customers who buy this bag to use it accordingly. We understand the difference will not be made over night but as a company we are taking steps to a much larger end goal.”

The Eco-Tote was specifically developed to attract consumers with its eye-catching, clean design. The convenient twisted handles make the bags a great grab-and-go item for grapes. Not just built for looks, the tote has performed superbly in rigorous testing in a variety of post-harvest environments.

Our Eco-Tote will debut in August 2019 during the California grape season and will be available throughout the year going forward. The final design was a result of numerous trials, extensive testing, and valuable feedback from the retail sector. A fixed-weight version is scheduled to be rolled out soon.