Women in the produce industry take notice

Lean into Leadership, a group coaching program for women in the produce industry, keeps getting better. Having run the program twice, Wendy McManus of Connect 2 Potential has studied the feedback from the prior participants and has overhauled the program content to be laser-focused on the leadership skills that are most needed in today’s complex produce industry landscape.connect

The enhanced Lean into Leadership program is now accepting applicants for a fall session slated to begin Aug. 14.  This is a group coaching and leadership development program for women in the produce industry who want to amplify their impact at any stage of their career.

The program has been expanded to include six group sessions via video conference, plus four one-on-one coaching sessions for each participant. Participants will learn, grow and collaborate in this dynamic face-to-face setting, without the time and expense of additional business travel.

What can be gained by participating in Lean into Leadership?
McManus said the work is focused on the “inside game” of personal leadership and the “outside game” of engaging others. The inside game is all about leading yourself by managing your internal dialogue and living with intention. The outside game involves improving your results through more effective relationships with others.

“The inside game and the outside game provide the solid foundation from which great leaders and effective teams produce stellar results,” McManus said. “The work we do in Lean into Leadership is often overlooked by traditional training programs, but it’s absolutely critical for success in any industry.”

Those who participate in Lean into Leadership will become more effective and capable leaders as they:

  • Increase their confidence and minimize self-doubt by managing their internal dialogue
  • Reconnect with their core values that provide the “true north” for their work and their life
  • Own their impact by gaining clarity about their own communication style and growth opportunities
  • Develop their capacity to lead, even if they are not in a formal leadership role
  • Expand their influence by learning how to shine in high-stakes situations
  • Strengthen their relationships through the art of making and keeping agreements
  • Enhance their ability to engage and inspire others through powerful questions and other coaching skills
  • Improve how they give and receive feedback, and manage conflict more productively

Participants in the previous Lean into Leadership groups made the following comments about the program:

  • “Lean in to Leadership is a great program to learn new leadership skills and hone existing ones, without adding an extra trip to your calendar.”
  • “I felt comfortable with Wendy immediately and was able to put her input and coaching to work right away.”
  • “Our one-on-ones left me feeling inspired and excited about utilizing the information both at work and in life.”
  • “Lean into Leadership showed me the importance of setting an intention and vision to create more value for myself and others.”
  • “This is a program I would recommend to any woman in the produce industry to boost your leadership style.”
  • “I expected this program to be impactful and beneficial to me as a professional, but it was also life-enriching on a personal level.”

Those interested in learning more should visit the program website for complete details, including the session dates and times. Registration for Lean into Leadership will be capped at 11 participants, and the program is expected to sell out.

Visit connect2potential.com/LITL or contact Wendy McManus for more information.

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