Catania Worldwide to open a new operation out of McAllen

Grower-packer-shipper Catania Worldwide is set to open a new operation out of IMAS Fresh in McAllen, TX.catania

Matt Catania, general manager of the new operation, said that Catania Worldwide has been crossing loads through McAllen for 20 years, for items ranging from limes to cactus pears to lemons and most recently, Mexican figs. The volume of our service offerings, commodities and packing has increased exponentially — making this new operating base a necessity and an opportunity. The capital investment in this new operation will allow Catania Worldwide to pursue and develop new opportunities and increase its core product and service offerings.

“Until the time arrives where we are ready to open up our own facility, we will be operating out of IMAS Fresh," said Catania. "We will have multiple cold storage coolers, with the capacity to store 600 pallets, along with five dock level loading doors. IMAS Fresh is also a fully certified operation with the capability to repackage and regrade product, located conveniently just a few miles from the border.

“Adding Catania McAllen to our already existing U.S. operations — Catania New Jersey and our longstanding California operation Stellar Distributing — increases our reach as an organization and allows us to provide better quality control and easier logistical pathways to service our customers,” said Catania.

This announcement will be followed by several new rebranded packaging, new commodities and service launches in the coming years. Paul Catania, president and chief executive officer added, “It’s a very exciting time in produce. With new technologies and innovations to the growing recognition of the importance of food safety, we are excited as this facility will allow us to generate new opportunities for ourselves, our customers and growers."

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