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Sunrise adds 33,000 square feet of cooler space

Sunrise Fresh Produce just finished a huge warehouse expansion project. The expansion of the Jackson, MS, facility was completed in November and has increased cooler space by 33,000 square feet.

IMG 1617 In just four short months, the Mississippi expansion has effectively doubled Sunrise Fresh Produce’s usable warehouse space. Each cooler was designed and built to improve workflow efficiency and to create designated product-specific temperature zones to maintain peak product freshness.

The coolers are also inter-connected by large doorways which makes moving from cooler to cooler easy for both pallet jacks and fork lifts. These inter-connected coolers not only help streamline the order selecting process, but are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

"This expansion is the best thing that could happen to our Sunrise customers," said Regional Manager, Chris Fuss. "By growing to 66,000 square feet of cooler space, we are able to bring in larger loads, which will save on transportation costs. With this new capacity we will be able to bring on new, high-volume customers in Mississippi and Louisiana."

In addition to doubling the cooler space, adding new roller racks and more shelving, Sunrise was also able to create a dedicated break-down and packing room. These improvements give Sunrise the capacity for approximately 1,200 slots and enable Sunrise to carry new and more diverse fresh products.