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SunFed kicks off Mexican onion season

SunFed is starting its Mexican onion season in December. Fresh white onions will be available early December with volumes picking up by mid-December.Mex-onion-3

The crop will focus on fresh onions and will be available in Jumbo 50-pound and 25-pound sacks, 40-pound cartons and RPCs. The company said special orders are not out of the question — consumer bags are available as well. Production starts early December in San Luis Potosi and will move to Morelos to finish out the month. January production starts and remains in Tamaulipas until the transition to Texas onions.

The onion of choice in classic Mexican cooking is the white onion. They have a clean, fresh, spicy taste and are more tender and thinner skinned than other varieties. Used widely in broth and soups, raw and cooked salsas, grilled with peppers and fajitas, and added to the tops of enchiladas and street tacos for added spice and crunch, white onions are a staple. Sautéing them brings out the natural sugar in the onions, adding a richness to the meal as a yellow onion would.

“SunFed continues to grow and add to our product lineup to better meet our customers needs,” said Gretchen Kreidler Austin, director of marketing and business development. “We added onions last year and had a successful season. We are continually looking at new items that will fit our mix, catch the consumers attention, and add to the ring of the register.”