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Avocados From Mexico returning to the Big Game for a fifth year

Back for a fifth straight year, Avocados From Mexico is confirmed its 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl, airing Sunday, Feb. 3 on CBS. This year, AFM returns with its classic light-hearted humor to showcase that Avocados from Mexico are "Always Worth It."afmlogo

"Avocados From Mexico is proud to again be able to tell our story on the single greatest avocado consumption day of the year," said Alvaro Luque, president of Avocados From Mexico.  "We are very proud of the success we've had in previous years. We feel the past four years have led up to this point, with the fact that Avocados From Mexico are healthy, delicious, always in season and, of course, Always Worth It."

Over the last four years, Avocados From Mexico has told dynamic stories of Avocados From Mexico's versatility, seasonality, and health benefits (good fats), all leading up to this year's overarching umbrella message; simply put, Avocados From Mexico are Always Worth It.

Consumer storytelling is constantly evolving, which is how Avocados From Mexico is arriving at a place where they can tell a comprehensive story about the brand, with the previous years leading up to this one. Now in its fifth year, it is focused on everything that Avocados From Mexico has to offer. To maximize the reach of the campaign, and ensure consumers receive messaging on every platform, AFM is going to deploy it with a 360-degree approach, going bigger than it ever has on digital, earned media, shopper marketing, as well as food service — its biggest gameplan to date.

"We have some very exciting things in store for the campaign this year, a complete 360 approach that will execute from all aspects from our collective team, going bigger than we ever have for the big game," said Kevin Hamilton, senior director of marketing at Avocados From Mexico. "We look at it as a build on the story that's been four years in the making. This year's theme is the needle that threads all our past campaigns."

The general campaign idea is around this idea that people will do anything for Avocados from Mexico because they are worth it. The brand plans to start to working in this creative into future programs, starting with the Big Game. With the target audience, and major avocado consumption occasions like Cinco de Mayo AFM is also going to deploy the integrated campaign that Avocados From Mexico are healthy, delicious, always in season, therefore Always Worth It.

To support the campaign theme that Avocados From Mexico are Always Worth It, the brand conducted a study that found that consumers are willing to pay approximately $2 more to add on avocados to their meals. The study found these consumers are willing to pay extra as avocados are healthier and more versatile.

A Look Back
Last year in 2018, "Guac World" challenged America to think outside the bowl, showcasing the fruit's versatility, and how guacamole is just too good to be confined to a bowl. Avocados From Mexico introduced the nation to a paradise where residents have virtually everything they've ever wanted — including limitless Avocados From Mexico. Pure bliss. Until the society's celebrated leader is met with a world-defining question, "where are the chips?" which apparently were left outside.

The program was an unparalleled success and the results speak for themselves: digitally the most mentioned advertiser, #1 hashtag #GuacWorld, #1 word Guac, top logo/food image according to Salesforce. AFM also won the Twitter Bowl in the food category, as well as the top brand in the Merkle Bowl Report.

In 2017, "#AvoSecrets," a secret society leader is troubled, as humankind figures out that Avocados From Mexico have good fat — a precious secret the society is supposed to protect. And 2016 unveiled "Bounty of Earth," a hilarious, out-of-this-world experience set in an interplanetary museum where aliens highlighted how the Mexican avocado is "Always in Season," among other unique Earthly treasures.

AFM launched its first Big Game ad in 2015, bringing the world "Draft Day," a humorous, star-studded spot depicting Mexico as the origin for the avocado during a pre-historic, football-styled "first draft ever" of plants and animals.

In its first year providing creative strategy and production of the Big Game ad and multi-dimensional campaign is advertising agency Energy BBDO, based in Chicago. Havas Media will again handle ad buying and execution, while Dallas-based Richards Lerma is driving the social media and digital execution, and NYC-based Ketchum manages public relations. This team is going to execute a comprehensive effort all around on Avocados from Mexico being Always Worth It, and every marketing lever AFM has to pull it off.