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Onions 52 launches innovative new website

One year ago, Utah Onions Inc. and its corporate officers took a leap of faith with the debut of a new name, new logo and complete brand overhaul. The year-round onion operation recently debuted an all-new modern website to complement the company’s branding efforts as trade and consumer resource for all things onions.onions

According to Chief Executive Officer Bob Meek, in the past year Onions 52 has excelled in all areas, with the company’s rebranding and marketing efforts at the helm of it all.

“Last year was the 40th year of business for Utah Onions Inc., and the need for a name change and updated website to reinforce a more accurate description of services was long overdue,” said Meek. “Looking back one year ago today, our marketing and branding efforts have been a tremendous success, and a proven catalyst to our continuing growth and customer success.”

The newly-launched Onions 52 website is designed for both consumer and trade use that includes an impressive list of creative upgrades.

“We designed the new website with the needs of our industry and our loyal customers in mind," said Director of Marketing Falon Rufty. "Our goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing website that captured our company initiative to provide safe, high-quality onions, 52 weeks a year. We also wanted to ensure the new website would be simple to use and would serve as an interactive resource that would be beneficial to whomever, wherever. Whether a produce manager needed to download signage before a store event, a buyer was curious of our red onion pack styles, or a friend was looking to quickly access the ingredients in our Pressure Cooker Sweet Pork Tacos while perusing the aisles of the grocery store; all of these resources [and much more] are now easily accessible on the all-new Onions 52 website.”