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Michigan apples refuel Chicago Marathon runners

Marathon runners received Michigan apples at the finish line of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, which took place Sunday, Oct. 7, for a third year. The Michigan Apple Committee is a sponsor of the marathon.mac

“One of MAC’s goals is to encourage healthy lifestyles, and Michigan Apples boast an extensive number of health benefits,” said Diane Smith, executive director of the Michigan Apple Committee. As done in the past, Michigan apples were handed to participants at the finish line to refuel their bodies after the race.

The 2018 Michigan Apple Queen, Emily Kropf and her Court, Sarah Rasch, awarded each finisher with an apple for their accomplishment.

“Chicago is a valuable market for Michigan apples,” said Smith. “The partnership with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon allows us to reach consumers who make healthy living a priority.”

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon sponsorship is one of the many partnerships for the Michigan Apple Committee that helps to educate consumers to look for Michigan-grown apples in the retail marketplace.

More than 40,000 runners were expected to participate in the 41st running of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Runners traveled to Chicago from more than 100 countries and all 50 states to participate in the race. Last year, approximately 1.5 million spectators lined the streets from the starting line to the finish line, according to