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Peak strawberry volume out of California

Naturipe Farms celebrates National Strawberry Month with strawberries in peak supply from California, now through summer and into fall, offering promotion opportunities at retail for the upcoming holidays.naturipe

“We are excited to be celebrating National Strawberry Month with record production for the month of May,” said Vinnie Lopes, vice president of sales for the West Coast. “Santa Maria is looking strong and Watsonville is here with a bountiful supply available now and expected to thrive through mid-fall.”

“Naturipe is offering tools for retailers to promote the various peaks of seasons for strawberries,” said CarrieAnn Arias, vice president of marketing. “This is a great time to offer samples, build displays and promote larger pack sizes, as consumers ramp up their summer activities.”

With organic demand and purchasing on the rise, production has significantly increased over prior years for Naturipe. “Supplies are plentiful for both organic and conventional strawberries, with weekly promotable volumes available now,” said Lopes.

With this increase of promotable supply, Naturipe recommends that retailers upsize customer purchases by offering two-pound strawberry clamshells for Memorial Day, graduation parties and upcoming summer events.