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Mucci crossing borders and leaving the lights on

Mucci Farms announced a large-scale, multi-year investment in Huron, OH. The company confirmed that it was starting a multi-year, three phase construction project that will cover a total of 60acres and feature the newest and latest state-of-the-art greenhouses equipped with grow lights that extend the growing season. The constructed facility will also include a 272,000-square-foot distribution warehouse to support the company’s growing U.S. customer base.Ohio-Pictures---Flag-with-blue-sky

Mucci has already broken ground on the first phase, which is the construction of a 24-acre range, and the company expects produce from this facility will be available as soon as March 2018.

This new facility will include the latest grow light technology, which simulates sunlight by providing or supplementing the necessary light to optimize plant growth. The use of this grow technology allows for year-round production, keeping its produce ”always in season.”

"Expanding our operations to include a U.S. growing facility was strategically done to meet our U.S. customer demands for locally grown, year round, fresh and favourful produce," the company said in a press release. "Making this investment in Ohio allows us to reduce the food miles for our U.S. retailers and gives our U.S. consumers the confidence that they can bring fresh and flavourful Mucci Farms’ produce into their homes all year round."

The company has been actively exploring a number of U.S. expansion opportunities for the past 18 months and the site located in Huron was a perfect fit due to its easy access to a number of current and potentially new retailer distribution facilities as well as its proximity to the Mucci's corporate headquarters in Kingsville, ON.

Mucci has enjoyed establishing a number of working partnerships during the development stages of this expansion with the city of Huron and Erie County officials, and the company said it looks forward to what it expects will be a number of promising opportunities for continued community partnerships ahead.

As Mucci Farms continues to grow so will its work in the communities the company is a part of. "Mucci Farms understands the value of supporting all local communities in which it operates and it places equal emphasis on social interests as business interests," the company said in a statement.

The company anticipates that when the first phase of construction is completed it will be looking to employ up to 100 full-time positions. Mucci expects this number will increase to 250 full-time positions by the completion of the third phase of construction.

These positions will capture many different levels between professional and general laborer positions. Some key positions the company is looking to hire right away include growers, assistant growers and greenhouse labor supervisors.