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Side Delights steams ahead, launches new duo pack

A recent study on the microwaveable/steamable fresh potato segment conducted by Nielsen FreshFacts highlights its continuing positive performance, led by Side Delights Steamables, which accounts for more than half of all dollar sales in the segment.SD Steamables Duo

Potatoes still lead as the No. 1 ranked vegetable based on volume sales, and the microwavable/steamable potato segment growth trend continues — up 12.6 percent in volume sales and up 28.4 percent in dollar sales vs. last year.

Side Delights Steamables lead the category with 62 percent of the dollar share and 63 percent of the volume share in the segment despite a comparatively smaller product grouping than the competition (six items for Side Delights Steamables vs. 25 items for the competition). Additionally, Side Delights Steamables’ dollar velocity outpaced the competition, selling faster than any of the other brands.

The top two selling Side Delights Steamables items (in dollars and volume) are the red and golden potatoes, which increased their distribution 18.2 percent and 15.8 percent.

Bringing good news to retailers and shoppers, this month Side Delights is launching Side Delights Steamables Duo Potatoes containing a colorful mix of red and yellow potatoes that are triple-washed and cook in their bag in eight minutes.  

“Colorful potatoes scream ‘healthy,’ and Side Delights Steamables provide that extra pop of color to a dinner plates in eight minutes or less,” Kathleen Triou, president and chief executive officer of Fresh Solutions Network, based in San Francisco, said in a press release. “We are researching and listening to what our customer wants, and continue to provide variety and excitement to our popular product line, helping our retailers’ bottom line.”

Side Delights Steamables are available exclusively through the Fresh Solutions Network.