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Retailer implements organic and fair trade produce program

Inserra Supermarkets ShopRite Inc. of Mahwah, NJ, continues to demonstrate its commitment to community, nutrition and sustainable food systems through the introduction of a comprehensive produce program with Taste Me, Do Good*. The Taste Me, Do Good* organic fair trade line of produce items provides Inserra shoppers with premium-quality, flavorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables, the production of which creates unique benefits for farmers, workers and the environment through fair trade, organic and biodynamic practices throughout the U.S. and Latin America.Inserra-Shoprite-Northvale-Taste-Me-Do-Good-Display

Through this program, Inserra is committed to offering a full line of Taste Me, Do Good* organic fair trade products in stores, including pears, apples, blueberries, strawberries, and tropical items such as pineapples and mangos. To tell the story, the company will be featuring Taste Me, Do Good* bin displays and signage, and be engaging shoppers via social media.

"On top of this program being very in line with our company values, we're focused on bringing more and more organic items into our stores and providing the best quality product to our shoppers while creating great value for them,” Eric Beelitz, director of produce for Inserra, said in a press release. “I'm really happy with what I've seen so far."

Inserra’s Taste Me, Do Good* program will showcase seasonal and imported organic products year round. All Taste Me, Do Good* products are grown with the highest levels of food safety and strict social and environmental standards. The company operates “model best practice” farms in Latin America and around the U.S., and works with associated farmers, often small and medium-sized operators, cooperatives and rural workers.  

“Our work creates a model for an agriculture of the future,” said Rafael Goldberg, chief executive officer of Interrupcion in Brooklyn, NY, marketer of Taste Me, Do Good* products. “Consumers get premium-quality, great-tasting, organic and fair trade products at a great value, and farmers and workers get dignified treatment and investment back into their communities. Our focus on organic and biodynamic agriculture is also a powerful way to protect the soil, water, and environment for future generations. It’s a win-win-win relationship for everyone involved.”

"The program perfectly aligns with our family and company values of providing healthy and nutritious foods to people, giving back to the community, being committed to environmental sustainability and taking care of the farmworkers who do the hard work of producing the foods we enjoy,” Carl Inserra Jr. of Inserra Supermarkets ShopRite said in a press release. “For us, it's a win-win — great products, a great story to tell and a meaningful experience to bring to our customers."

The family-owned Inserra Supermarkets chain owns and operates 17 ShopRite stores located in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic counties in New Jersey and five ShopRite stores in Rockland County in New York. Under the direction of the Inserra family’s third and fourth generations and Ron Onorato, president and chief operating officer, the company is well-known for its long-held traditions of serving families, being a good neighbor and focusing on the health and wellness of customers and company associates.

"When you put good things in your body, you feel good," Lindsey Inserra, vice president of corporate retail health and wellness at Inserra Supermarkets ShopRite, said in the release. "And with these products, you're doing something good for others as well, and that feels great. We are a family-owned business, and helping other families — from our customers to our vendors, growers and well beyond — is one of our core philosophies. This project does just that in its support of dedicated farmers, farmworkers and their families, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Taste Me, Do Good* offers various services to associated farmers to enhance product quality, and create social and environmental impact. “We’re raising the bar on what food and agriculture can be,” Goldberg said in the release. “We provide financing, quality assurance, agricultural technology and capacity building, technical support for organic farming and fair trade processes, bio-fertilizers and supply chain logistics services — all with the goal of growing exceptional produce that changes the world for the better, provides organic nutrition to consumers, and positively impacts lives and communities.”