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Fowler Farms begins major expansion

Most days at Fowler Farms are busy with trucks leaving for all parts of the country delivering its crop of crisp, cold apples and fresh apple cider to customers, but today container after container has been rolling into the packinghouse delivering shiny new equipment for the next phase of expansion of its packing operation.

“We have a shipping container rolling in about once every 20 minutes this morning,” Austin Fowler, vice president of operations at Fowler Farms, said in a press release.

“New Customers are driving us to increase our capacity,” Dave Williams, vice president of sales and marketing, said in the release. “With a great crop expected for this fall we couldn’t have timed things any better.”

The company expects a 50 percent increase in presort volume.

"Some buyers are surprised to learn that we pack every box of fruit to order so you always get the freshest, best quality apples available," the company said in the release. "We’ve also upgraded yet again to the latest sorting and grading technology to give customers the quality and consistency they expect from a market leader."