Giumarra anticipating excellent Vidalia volumes

Giumarra Southeast expects to offer promotable volumes of Vidalia onion this summer favorite, packaged in the Nature’s Partner brand. Shipments will begin the third week of April and continue through the end of July.vidalia onions1

“Growing conditions in south Georgia have led to a favorable outlook for this year’s crop,” Stu Monaghan, division manager of Giumarra Southeast, said in a press release. “We expect the harvest to be of outstanding quality, with promotable volumes right from the start. Sizes appear to have an ideal mix of colossal, jumbo and medium.”

The onions are offered in both mesh bags and bulk bins to support a wide variety of merchandising strategies during the spring and summer months.

"The Vidalia brand is a known driver in the onion category,” Kristina Lorusso, Midwest region business manager for Giumarra, said in the release. “Our goal is to partner with retailers all over the country who want to take their onion sales to the next level. We are prepared to support promotions with creative marketing strategies, such as demos, in-store grower events and sales contests.”

Giumarra is offering the onions in partnership with G&R Farms of Glennville, Georgia. Additionally, Giumarra’s domestic Vidalia onion season is complemented by Peruvian and Mexican sweet onions to round out a 12-month supply.

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