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Honeybear's largest crop of Chilean Honeycrisps on the way

The first shipments from Honeybear Brands’ Chilean orchards arrive stateside this month. Thanks to an extended period of perfect weather conditions in the southern growing regions of Chile, this year’s crop is the largest ever produced by Honeybear and bears all the classic traits of the very best Honeycrisp variety: high color, a fresh and juicy taste and trademark crisp bite.HON-chilean-honeycrisp2

“We’re bringing in our largest Chilean Honeycrisp crop ever,” Don Roper, vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release. “Thanks to years of careful cultivation, the natural maturation of our Chilean Honeycrisp orchards this year and some exceptional climatic conditions in the south, our North American retailers can expect a vintage crop of Honeycrisp and their customers a just picked harvest flavor that’s impossible to get anywhere else in the United States at this time of year.”

Along with Honeycrisp growing in the United States, Honeybear’s Southern Hemisphere production makes the company a year-round producer of fresh crop Honeycrisp apples.

“It’s been more than 10 years since we put those first trees in the ground in Chile,” Roper said in the release. “But we were playing the long game and it’s now paying off. This is just how long it takes to carefully nurture and produce some of the best Honeycrisp that it’s possible to grow. In fact we’re so pleased with the quality of results we are seeing from our southern growers that we are also planning to test the growing of our new variety Pazazz in Chile too."

Other Honeybear Brands plans already under way include the transition of a significant acreage of Honeycrisp crop in Chilean orchards to organic production with as much as 25 percent expected by 2019.

Honeybear Brands and parent Wescott Agri Products were granted exclusive production and commercialization rights for the Chilean Honeycrisp by the University of Minnesota, developer and owner of the original variety. The company was one of the first to grow Honeycrisp in Washington state and Chile, and is a premier Honeycrisp label in the United States.

 “This is going to be a banner year for the Chilean Honeycrisp,” said Roper, “and a fantastic opportunity for our retail partners this spring and summer”