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New York Apple Sales shipping key apple varieties from Nova Scotia

New York Apple Sales Inc. is now shipping latest-harvest apple varieties from Nova Scotia to customers in the United States. Orchards that are part of the Scotian Gold Cooperative grow and harvest Honeycrisp, Ambrosia and Sonya apples grown in the Annapolis Valley, near the Bay of Fundy. The three varieties being imported and distributed by New York Apple Sales offer interesting differentiation from their domestic counterparts.sonyaSonya apples

“Warm days, cool nights, and the best agricultural soils in Atlantic Canada are three keys to why we produce such beautifully vibrant, well-colored apples,” Waldo Walsh, president and owner of Birchleigh Farms Ltd., said in a press release. “These factors also contribute to wonderfully firm, flavorful fruit that has a bright, intense flavor profile.”

Nova Scotia has the latest apple-growing season in North America. Trees don’t bloom until the later weeks of May, with the Honeycrisp harvest typically starting during the last week of September, and Ambrosia and Sonya picking to follow.

“The Scotian Gold Cooperative maintains high standards, uses superior technology and completely understands the importance of paying attention to every aspect of quality agriculture, from planting to harvest to storage,” Kaari Stannard, owner of New York Apple Sales, said in the press release.

“Honeycrisp are preconditioned by storing in controlled warmer conditions before they are placed in high-tech cold storage,” Larry Lutz, owner of Lutz Family Farm and recently retired director of grower services for Scotian Gold, sad in the release. “This helps prevent issues like soft scald and internal browning.”

Lutz said the cool Nova Scotia climate means apples can be harvested slightly immature, but with full color. This also contributes to their exceptional keeping properties and ongoing freshness.

The Scotian Gold Growers have been providing apples to New York Apple Sales for three years. “At our orchard, we’ve always said we’ll never settle,” Lisa Jenereaux, a fifth-generation farmer and co-owner of Spurr Bros. Farms, said in the release. “And that we want to be constantly learning and always trying new things. The people at New York Apple Sales demonstrate the same vision and are also dedicated to total quality. I believe that’s why we work so well together.”

In terms of trying new things, Scotian Gold growers take advantage of high-density planting, dwarf rootstocks and using smaller trees for better light distribution as just three examples of their forward thinking.

Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, and Sonya apples from Scotian Gold are available from New York Apple Sales now. Quantities are limited, though Scotian Gold Cooperative continues to expand with new plantings and increase volume each year.