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The California Table Grape Commission recently expanded the responsibilities of Cindy Plummer and Jane Lytle in the areas of advertising and foodservice, respectively, and hired Jeff Cardinale as the new vice president of communications.

Ms. Plummer, vice president of domestic marketing, has 30 years of food marketing experience and has been with the commission for 12 years. During that time, she has led retail and foodservice Cindy-Plummer-Cindy Plummerefforts in the United States and Canada. She recently assumed new responsibilities for the commission's advertising program and global campaign for grapes from California.

Ms. Lytle, marketing director, has been with the commission for 17 years working on the retail and foodservice programs for the United States and Canada. She has been involved in helping implement components of the foodservice program, but will now assume primary responsibility for developing Jane-Lytle-MarJane Lytleand directing the program.

"With both Cindy and Jane, these moves represent a seamless transition of responsibility that takes advantage of internal talent and interest," Kathleen Nave, president of the commission, said in a press release. "I am looking forward to working with both of them in their expanded roles."

Mr. CardinaleJeff-CardinaleJeff Cardinale comes to the commission with an extensive background in media and public relations. He worked in television news for 15 years in markets from Fresno to San Francisco and is a five-time Emmy award-winning news producer and executive producer. He joined the commission March 1 as vice president of communications and now handles consumer education, health outreach and media communications.

"We are thrilled that Jeff has joined the team," Ms. Nave added in the press release. "Jeff's work with media in both the public and private sectors provides a level of professional experience that will benefit the state's fresh grape growers in the years ahead."

Trade, consumer and foodservice campaigns for the 2013 California table grape season are planned to kick off in May.