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Pear Bureau continues involvement with U.S. Fresh Fruit booth at Fruit Logistica

For the third year, the Pear Bureau Northwest, headquartered in Milwaukie, OR, will exhibit at Fruit Logistica as part of the U.S. Fresh Fruit pavilion.

International Program Coordinator Lynsey Kennedy said this co-location enables the bureau to have a larger, more centrally located presence and provide private meeting space for pear industry members.

"It also makes our booth more of a destination within the USA Pavilion," she told The Produce News.

In addition to the Pear Bureau Northwest, the California Table Grape Commission, California PearBureauThe Pear Bureau Northwest will once again exhibit at Fruit Logistica as a partner at the U.S. Fresh Fruit Booth pavilion with the California Table Grape Commission, California Pear Advisory Board, U.S. Apple Export Council and California Prune Board. (Photo courtesy of the Pear Bureau Northwest)Pear Advisory Board, U.S. Apple Export Council and California Prune Board will exhibit at Hall 23, Booth A-02 under the program banner.

Ms. Kennedy said that Kevin Moffitt, the bureau's president and chief executive officer, and Jeff Correa, international marketing director, will be available to talk about the pear industry at the pavilion. "Many of our international marketing representatives will also be there," she added.

The convention venue is an important one to the bureau. "It really is a global show, providing the opportunity to meet not only with European contacts, but with so many people coming from all over the world," she noted. "Trade contacts from many of our key markets — such as Russia, Brazil, India and the Middle East — are typically in attendance. The show takes place at a good point during our season, with many varieties available. So we are able to display and sample multiple varieties and introduce them to the trade."

Individual discussions at Fruit Logistica will be tailored to specific markets.

"As of Dec. 15, over 2.7 million boxes have been shipped to export markets, plus another 867,000 boxes to Canada," Ms. Kennedy said. "We'll discuss how the season went [and] is going if there is still product in their market, including promotional activities and marketing support that we can provide in future seasons. Increasing the number of varieties in the market is always a topic of conversation, such as Red Anjou, Bosc and others beyond the more widely accepted Green Anjou."

In addition to sampling, the Pear Bureau Northwest will co-host a happy hour reception with the pavilion partners.

"Importers, retailers and other key trade contacts as well as our shippers are invited to attend," Ms. Kennedy said.