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RPE introduces 'Old Oak Farms' brand for potatoes and onions

RPE, a grower-shipper of potatoes and onions located in Bancroft, WI, has introduced a new name to its family of brands: "Old Oak Farms." This will be the core commodity brand for the company moving forward and will be widely available this year.

Encompassing all standard varieties of potatoes and onions, "Old Oak Farms" is a comprehensive brand. The line includes russet, gold, red, jumbo russet and fingerling potatoes, as well as iconic Old-Oak-FarmsIdaho russet potatoes and a full line of onions.

The new packaging is designed to help the consumer make purchase decisions by providing color-coding that distinguishes sizing and varietal differences while also conveying flavor and usage information.

The new brand features a focus on farmers who grow RPE's produce. Each bag has a photo and quote from one of the key people involved in producing that specific variety. The stories help make the connection between the consumer and farmer, and bring the passion of the growers behind the brand to light.

"We wanted to create comprehensive branding that would be really [compelling] for retailers, something their consumers would find attractive and helpful in making purchase decisions," Russell Wysocki, president and chief executive officer of RPE, said in a press release. "As a multigenerational company, our families live and work on the land where we grow our produce. We wanted to tell the story of our farmers. We are fortunate to work with some of the best growers in the industry, and we want consumers to be able to get a sense of the same passion we see from our farmers every day, as well as understand where their food is coming from."

Old Oak Farms is meant to be a solution for retailers for consistent, consumer-friendly packaging across the potato and onion categories. Flavor profiles, usage and nutritional highlights are featured on the front of pack, while cooking information, kitchen tips and a quick response code which leads to recipes, are listed on the back.

In addition, a consumer website with recipes and preparation videos has been launched at