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New mango program aims to increase sales through superior taste

Fresh King, based in Homestead, FL, announced its new "Drippy Elbow Mango" program aimed at providing consumers with a superior-eating mango and retailers with sales not yet experienced in this category.

"We have partnered with mango growers in South America, Central America, the Caribbean and south Florida to provide mangos so juicy and delicious, the juice runs down your elbow," Peter M. Leifermann, president of Fresh King, said in a press release. "We have never lost sight of the key ingredient for sales - taste. This mango has the potential to revolutionize what retailers think of the mango category."

"This trademarked name will be used on any fruit with a true and real ability to be juicy and tasty," Mr. Liefermann continued. "As we develop mangos and other products under this concept, it will give [consumers] something to look for when they want a true taste sensation."

Fresh King's "Drippy Elbow Mango" program will introduce a retail-friendly Madame Francis mango, the banana mango, which hails from Haiti and is known for exceptional and consistent flavor.

"The mango is sweet even when it's not fully ripe," Peter Warren, category manager and key account specialist for Fresh King, said in the press release. "Additionally, the yellow flesh gets dark speckles, like a banana, to indicate ripeness, so consumers have a very easy way to tell if the mango is at peak maturity for flavor."

With the support of in-store demos, Fresh King believes the banana mango will change the way American consumers feel about mangos and build a substantial market for the fruit, both with more traditional ethnic consumers as well as American consumers who are not regular mango eaters.

"This fruit will turn customers' heads and then their attitudes about how a mango should taste," Mr. Warren added in the press release. "Taste has become one of the most important attributes the consumer yearns for. By giving this item dedicated shelf space, we can meet consumer desire for above-average tasting produce."

Another advantage for retailers will be how the "Drippy Elbow" and banana mango products may boost category sales year round.

"While our season will be brief, basically May through August, the promotions we have available as well as the quality of the product should reinvigorate store-level mango sales for the entire year," Mr. Warren stated.

Fresh King said that it is committed to the quality and safety of these products, and it has ensured that all the growing and packing facilities meet the highest standards.

"The packing facility in Haiti is brand-new and is most impressive," Mr. Warren said. "In over two decades in the produce business, I have yet to see a mango packing facility as state of the art as this. Our SQF 2000-level food- safety commitment allows full traceability and reinforces our obligation to our customers. We take a lot of pride in presenting this product to the marketplace."