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Retailer's Misfit produce program launches in time for Halloween

Associated Food Stores will begin selling Misfits, odd and misshapen produce sold at a discounted price, just in time for Halloween. The Misfit produce program will be offered year-round, although the variety of produce will vary depending on the season and availability.misfits

Leigh Vaughn, senior produce category manager with Associated Food Stores, said guests should check the Misfit produce area often, as the variety will change frequently. “The Misfit produce area will be a treasure hunt for guests," he said.

Robinson Fresh's Misfit produce will be sold with an attractive discount, an incentive for customers who are focused more on value and flavor than aesthetics. An additional benefit of buying Misfit produce is its sustainability factor since unusually shaped produce has typically been thrown away, contributing to food waste.

“Robinson Fresh is proud to collaborate with retailers who are helping to combat food waste and raise awareness about this growing issue,” Drew Schwartz off, director of marketing at Robinson Fresh, said in a press release. “Our hope is that through Misfits we can change the way that the world views imperfect fruits and vegetables.”

Several different factors affect the appearance of fruits and vegetables. Inconsistent variables during growth like weather, temperature, water amounts and sunlight can change the appearance of produce. And while the appearance may be strange, the taste and quality of the produce is not compromised.

Associated Food Stores is a Salt Lake City-based retailer operating five banners: Macey’s, Fresh Market, Dan’s, Lin’s and Dick’s Markets.