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C&K Market emerges from bankruptcy, expands store offerings

C&K Market previewed what customers can expect in the future as it emerged from bankruptcy protection on Aug. 10. Stores will emphasize local produce, including more organic items and a larger selection of general merchandise offerings. Some stores will also see the addition of salad bars, hot prepared food options and sushi.

“We’ve been in the stores, talking with customers and identifying how we can serve them even better,” Karl Wissmann, C&K Market’s president, said in a press release. “With bankruptcy behind us, we’re in a position to enhance our stores. Customers can expect more selection and new offerings.

“We launched our Eat Fresh Eat Local program this summer at 11 Ray’s Food Place stores in Oregon, and customer response continues to be overwhelmingly positive,” Wissmann said. This farm-to-store produce program brings fresh items from nearby family farms to the stores. “These farmers use sustainable methods, and we’re offering our customers more than 100 varieties of local fruits and vegetables through the season. Our complementary Pick 5 CSA program lets customers select five fruits and vegetables every Saturday morning is also receiving rave reviews.

“We recognize that customers may now shop at both a big box and a local grocer,” Wissmann said. “By listening to our customers and catering to their preferences, shoppers are buying more when they shop with us. Our strategy is definitely working, and we see additional opportunities for our smaller, independent chain to add real value in the communities we serve.”

Customers will notice Ray’s Healthy Living, a new initiative that integrates natural and organic items with traditional groceries. “Our customers will enjoy the convenience of a community one-stop store, a place they can find local, regional and natural products, as well as their conventional favorites,” Wissmann said.

The remodel of the Roseburg Ray’s showcases many of the chain’s new programs. It incorporates signage to call attention to new items, such as local and organic produce and a large variety of healthy options in the grocery department, as well as highlighting standard items like produce and meat. An integrated paint palette provides context for various departments.