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Ready Pac introduces Baby Kale European Salad Blend

Ready Pac Foods, based in Irwindale, CA, is capitalizing on the soaring popularity of kale with the release of the Ready Pac Baby Kale European Salad Blend.

More and more consumers are incorporating kale into their everyday meals, with the items experiencing 250 percent increase in dollar sales since last year.Ready-Pac-Baby-Kale-Blend According to International Dairy, Deli & Bakery Association's 2013 issue of What's In Store, 78 percent of consumers say nutrient-dense foods like kale have a meaningful effect on their health, and 76 percent say health benefits are the reason to eat them more often.

For shoppers looking for a gateway kale offering, Ready Pac's Baby Kale European Salad Blend is a perfect solution. In addition to being accessible, this nutrient-dense bagged blend is a rich source of vitamins A and C, and protein.

"The Baby Kale European Salad Blend is a perfect fit for Ready Pac consumers who are ready to 'up their game' with superfoods, but need a little help navigating their options," Tristan Simpson, vice president of corporate communications at Ready Pac, said in a press release. "At Ready Pac, we view kale the same way as we view our brand — complex and deeply nutritious, yet incredibly adaptable. We're excited to see this product pique the interest of curious, health-driven consumers everywhere."

Shoppers can find the Baby Kale European Salad at their local Albertsons. To learn more about Ready Pac Salad Blends, in addition to its extended range of fresh-cut solutions, visit