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Apio launches 'Eat Smart' stir fry kits

Apio Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Landec Corp. and a leading national producer of fresh-cut vegetable products, has unveiled two new stir fry kits — the "Eat Smart" Shanghai Blend Stir Fry Kit and the "Eat Smart" Kale & Red Chard Stir Fry Kit.12oz-KRC-English-Front

"Consumers are looking for nutritious and convenient new ways to spice up the dinner table, and these new stir fry kits answer the call," Cali Tanguay, director of marketing for Guadalupe, CA-based Apio, said in a press release. "These products represent the next generation of stir fry, by offering a gourmet stir fry sauce, specifically formulated by Apio's culinary team to enhance and complement a unique blend of on-trend and traditional vegetables. In addition, these delicious and versatile vegetable and sauce combinations can be easily combined with a protein and served as a main course. 12oz-SBSF-FINAL-FRONTBoth kits allow any cook to prepare a delicious, hot and nutritious dish in a matter of minutes. These stir fry kits are packed with nutrient-dense superfoods and are available for order now."

The Shanghai Blend includes a great-tasting combination of five superfoods — Brussels sprouts, bok choy, kale, sno peas, and carrots — as well as a proprietary hoisin sauce. Cooking directions are on the back of the package, and the package includes a recipe for using the vegetables as the basis for a heartier main dish with soba noodles and pork.

The superfoods featured in the Kale & Red Chard Stir Fry Kit include red chard, kale, broccoli florets, sno peas, and carrots, along with a proprietary garlic-flavored soy sauce. Stir-frying at high heat helps the sno peas and carrots maintain their crunch while allowing the included gourmet sauce to infuse the dish. A recipe on the back of the package describes how to enhance the vegetables with chicken and rice if desired.

"The Kale & Red Chard and Shanghai Blend Stir Fry Kits allow even novice home cooks to create a satisfying Asian-style vegetable dish because everything they need, with pre-washed, pre-chopped vegetables and a cooking sauce is right in the package," Tanguay added in the press release. "With either a hot skillet, a wok, or a microwave, they can use the recipes on the back of the bag to prepare a distinctive and appealing side dish or main meal in just minutes that is sure to be a favorite for families year-round."

The Kale & Red Chard Stir Fry Kit and the Shanghai Blend Stir Fry Kits complement Apio's growing family of nutritious, ready-to-use vegetable blends and salads that feature superfoods. Both are available in 12-ounce and 32-ounce bags at selected club stores and retailers nationwide.