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Sun World names grape marketer licensees in Western Australia and South Africa

Sun World International LLC has appointed two additional grape marketer licensees — Fresh Produce Group‐Western Australia and Freshworld — to distribute the California company’s licensed grapes.

Freshworld has been granted specific rights to supply Sun World grape varieties from South Africa to Dairy Farm, a leading supermarket retailer throughout the Far East. Fresh Produce Group‐Western Australiasunworld has likewise been granted rights to source Sun World grape varieties grown in Western Australia to be sold to clients throughout Western Australia and exports markets beyond Australia.

In addition to distributing fruit from new seedless grape varieties developed by Sun World, both companies have been given licenses to use Sun World’s brands, including "MIDNIGHT BEAUTY," "SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS" and "SABLE SEEDLESS" in the marketplace, Sun World Executive Vice President David Marguleas said.

Fresh Produce Group-Western Australia is a venture owned by Robert Nugan’s Fresh Produce Group, a longstanding Sydney, NSW, Australia-based international produce provider and two Western Australia grape industry leaders and agronomists Ben Tanner and Tim Hyde.

Freshworld is a produce marketer-exporter founded in 2001 by Danie Kieviet Sr. and operated today by Kieviet and various senior staff, including his sons, Danie Jr. and Adolf. Freshworld was founded on lasting relationships built with producers and customers and the company today exports fruit to receivers in the Far East, Scandinavia, North America, the Middle East and Russia.

Sun World's fruit licensing program involves more than 1,000 producers and marketing companies in most of the world's major fruit-growing regions. In addition to the appointment of Fresh Produce Group-Western Australia and Freshworld, Sun World has licensed grape marketers in Italy (Peviani, DiDonna and Apofruit); Portugal (Vale de Rosa); Israel (TALI Grapes); Chile (Dole Chile, Unifrutti, Subsole and Frutera Santa Maria); Australia (Perfection Fresh and Grape Exchange) South Africa (Capespan, The Grape Co., Dole South Africa, Green Marketing and Suiderland/New Vision); Spain (El Ciruelo and MOYCA); Peru (Agricola Don Ricardo and Camposol; Mexico (Grupo Alta) and in Brazil (COANA, Expofruit, Katope and Special Fruit).

Its new variety-development work focuses on a full range of fresh grapes with extraordinary characteristics such as enhanced flavor, distinctive taste, larger berries and clusters, earlier and later ripening times and availability, and increased productivity. The California company also develops new plums, peaches, apricots and nectarines for its own production and for other growers to produce under license.

Sun World, a longstanding U.S.-based producer and marketer of fresh fruit, operates one of the world's larger table grape and stone fruit-breeding programs. Since its inception in the mid-1970s, the company's variety development center has released countless varieties with improved flavor, size, color, shelf life and extended seasonality. In addition to production on its own California properties, Sun World, its licensees or both grow these proprietary varieties in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, South America, Israel and South Africa.