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Awe Sum Organics to offer organic seedless grapes this winter

Awe Sum Organics, a leading importer of organic apples and organic kiwifruit, will supply organic red and green seedless grapes to the United States and Canada beginning in late December.

The Peruvian grapes will be available through the end of January. AweSum.Sugraone Awe Sum Organics will have a fair amount of good-sized Sugraones this season. Awe Sum Organics will also have a supply of Peruvian organic red globe grapes, with exceptional size, color and flavor.

"We are very excited to see this Awe Sum project come to fruition," David Posner, chief executive officer of Awe Sum Organics, who has been cultivating this project since the spring of 2007, said in a press release. "The first commercial harvest is commencing now and is due to arrive starting in late December. The timing of our organic Peruvian grapes, as they enter the market, will be just perfect to complement the domestic organic grape season, which should be wrapped up just before our first arrival of organic grapes."

Posner, who recently returned from Peru, where he walked the fields and admired the outstanding quality of these grapes, added in the press release, "Our Sugraones have good-sized berries and are incredibly sweet, crisp and flavorful."

Awe Sum Organics will have a fair amount of the Sugraones to distribute to its customers this season, according to the press release.

"Our Crimson seedless have a beautiful color and also great flavor, with a smaller berry size than our Surgaones," Posner continued. "Unfortunately, there is limited supply of the Crimson seedless this year, but there is a good supply of Red Globes. As this is our first year of production from these vines, we will have increased volumes of all three varieties next year, and again for the following few years, until the fields reach full production."

Additionally, all of these grapes are Fair for Life certified by IMO Switzerland, which guarantees fair wages, good working conditions and social responsibility at each and every stage of production and throughout the distribution chain.