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Baloian Farms introduces new hard squash merchandising bin

Baloian Farms has recently introduced a merchandising bin for hard squash.

The goal of this new bin design is to provide a single merchandising source that will display various varieties of hard squash in one easy-to-access location on the retail floor, as well as make retail ordering and store merchandising easier.

"We wanted to create an easy merchandising solution that reduces labor in the store, but also prompts purchase squashbinBaloian Farms’ merchandising bin for hard squash saves retailers time and boasts large images to draw the interest of consumers.for consumers," Richard Cowden, salesman for Baloian Farms, based in Fresno, CA, said in a press release. "A freestanding display helps catch the eye of consumers and draw them into a display."

The outside design of the bin will boast large, colorful images of each of the squash varieties available and help consumers to easily identify them. These images will occupy the entire bin, making it a striking display unit on the floor.

Cowden also remarked that the newly designed bin was created with the retailers in mind.

"Since the bin is a freestanding floor unit that houses all of the varieties, it will help the retailers save both time and labor since there will no longer be a need to shelve and restock the individual products," he added in the press release.

The merchandising bins are just part of Baloian Farms strategic marketing plans to add more value to their commodity vegetables like peppers and squash by focusing on consumer purchase behavior.