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Pandol Bros. to kick off year-round blueberry program with the Chilean season

Pandol Bros. Inc., a leading marketer of table grapes based in Delano, CA, has added blueberries to its product line and will kick off its year-round blueberry program in November with fruit from Chile.

"Pandol is excited to begin the blueberry program this coming Chilean season," Greg Caveng, blueberry sales manager for Pandol Bros., said in a press release. "We feel there is an opportunity to build a strong year-round program."

Caveng will manage the blueberry product line out of Pandol's East Coast sales office in Gloucester, NJ.

"Greg has worked with blueberries for over 15 years, and he will be one of the key drivers of our blueberry program," Scott Reade, vice president of sales and marketing for Pandol, added in the press release.

"We're totally jazzed to deploy our logistics, foreign trade and marketing expertise in blueberries," John Pandol, director of special projects, said in the press release.