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Expanded options for Giumarra's New Zealand Meyer lemons

After success last season, Giumarra Wenatchee is expanding on its line of specialty packs for New Zealand Meyer lemons.  

“The growing season was exceptional in New Zealand," Jason Bushong, division manager of Giumarra Wenatchee, said in a press release. "A warm, dry climate has produced fruit with a well-balanced acid-to-Brix ratio. Late-season precipitation helped the fruit gain size, making it well suited for the preferences of U.S. consumers.

nz meyer lemonsA two-pound Nature’s Partner bag of Meyer lemons.“Last year, we introduced our two-pound Nature’s Partner high-graphic handle bag with a zip closure, which effectively presented a total merchandising piece for the product with recipes, usage ideas and product information on the packaging,” Bushong said. “This information helped differentiate this new lemon to the consumer.”

Also new this season for the Meyer lemon is its own specifically assigned PLU, which will help distinguish it from regular lemons at store display. Giumarra Wenatchee will offer the fruit both bagged and bulk.

The marketing season is approaching and Bushong noted the division is now taking early-season airfreight orders. First vessel availability is expected the first week of July.

“We look to have steady supply through the month of September with availability on both coasts,” Bushong said.

Meyer lemons have a floral aroma, a unique sweet flavor and are less acidic than regular lemons.

“The foodservice industry has been important in familiarizing consumers with this item, because it continues to appear on menus in a range of dishes from appetizers to desserts,” Scott Ross, eastern region business manager for the Giumarra Cos., said in the release. “Its versatility makes it a great addition to a well-rounded produce department. Marketing support will help consumers become more comfortable with using this item at home.”