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Zespri kiwifruit due for an early arrival in North America

New Zealand's Zespri announced its that its green, gold and organic kiwifruit varieties would be arriving in North America in mid-May, two weeks earlier than expected.

Aligned with Zespri's socially and environmentally responsiblezespri business practices, Zespri's premium superfruit are transported by ship, an efficient form of bulk transportation to deliver optimal freshness while minimizing the environmental footprint.

This year's kiwifruit from the grower-owned network in the Bay of Plenty is expected to be of high in quality and Brix level. Zespri will also be putting extra emphasis on its niche line of organics this year to meet the demands of the growing segment of discerning consumers in North America interested in buying organic.

And consistent with past seasons, Zespri will be supporting its loyal retailers with customized marketing support and programs throughout the season lasting May until November 2013.

"At Zespri, we're dedicated to investing in research and grower education to harvest the most delicious kiwifruit in the most environmentally conscious way," Glen Arrowsmith, Zespri's global marketing manager and head of sustainability, said in a press release. "Maintaining the quality of our natural resources and farming methods is critical, as is making sure that our kiwifruit consistently delivers consistent quality, nutrition and taste to our consumers."

Zespri has also invested in a new variety of kiwifruit, Zespri SunGold, which has a high level of productivity and all the taste and storage attributes sought by retailers and consumers. Zespri expects SunGold volumes to increase from 2014, as the vines are established.