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Martin’s Family Fruit Farm showcases healthy new snack

TORONTO — Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for snack options that are both healthy and tasty, and Martin’s Family Fruit Farm believes its new product fits the bill perfectly.

Peter Katona, marketing and sales manager for Martin’s Family Fruit Farm, brought Martin’s Apple Chips to the New Product Showcase at this year’s CPMA convention and was delighted with the response.MartinThe newly launched Martin’s Apple Chips.

“We had a lot of opportunity to speak to the majors and a lot of good feedback,” said Mr. Katona, who added that the snacks have also generated a positive response in retail outlets.

The newly launched product is selling well and carried in 40 stores in south-central Ontario. The chips are available in both 22- and 103-gram bags.

The crispy snacks are made from dehydrated apples grown at the Martin family farm in Waterloo, ON.

“It’s great the Canadian market will now have a local option for apple chips,” said Mr. Katona. “Martin’s Apple Chips are made with 100 percent Canadian apples and are 100 percent Canadian owned and processed.”

He pointed out the chips are a healthy snack choice, gluten-free and naturally low-calorie with no added sugar, fat or preservatives. The company website offers recipe suggestions ranging from appetizers to desserts.

The family got into the apple business in 1971 and today owns over 750 acres of orchards. They market both their own and other Ontario growers’ apples worldwide. The family-run farm has a new 17,000-square-foot processing facility in Elmira and a 70,000-square-foot fresh fruit facility in Waterloo.