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Sinaloa Encanta promotes Sinaloa and national cuisine

Miguel-Llubya-LeysonCULIACAN, SONORA, MEXICO — Sinaloa Encanta, an annual event promoting Mexican foods and drinks, took place here March 8-9. Many Mexican fresh produce companies and their suppliers participated in the event as sponsors.

Eduardo Leyson, Sinaloa Encanta founder and promoter, with Juan Haberman, Minister of Agriculture of Sinaloa. Haberman’s private company, De la Costa S.A. de C.V., is a major vegetable grower in Culiacan. Leyson is the principal of Agricultores de San Isidro Navolato, S.A. de C.V., a large-volume eggplant grower.

The party opened with a Networking Day presentation and reception at Culiacan’s Cayenne restaurant on March 8. Networking Day was attended by 200 people, including foreign buyers, agricultural producers, restaurateurs and wine entrepreneurs, as well as local, national and international media. The March 8 panel was titled "The Industrial Revolution 4.0".

More than 2,000 industry members from the United States and Mexico attended the March 9 Sinaloa Encanta main event. Fresh and processed foods and Mexican wines, tequila and other specialty drinks were offered from booths on a scenic site. Ten Mexican wine companies and 23 Sinaloa restaurants offered samples. Yuri, a Mexican singer, actress and TV host, capped off the evening with a vocal performance.