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Pearson names Arizona Agriculturalist of the Year

The Arizona Department of Agriculture partnered with the Governor Doug Ducey’s office and gave out the Governor’s Awards for Agriculture on Dec. 2. Cindi Pearson was the recipient of the Arizona Agriculturist of the Year. Mark Killian, director of the Department of Agriculture, and Gilbert Davidson, chief operating officer for Governor Doug Ducey's office, presented the award.AZ-AgGilbert Davidson, chief operating officer for Governor Doug Ducey's office; Mark Killian, director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture; and Cindi Pearson of Santa Rosa Produce LLC.

Pearson is a co-owner of Santa Rosa Produce LLC, based in Maricopa, AZ. The firm annually produces 4 million cartons on honeydew and cantaloupe.

According to Santa Rosa, Pearson “has worked hard to build her company to be known for excellence, quality and service. As a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, she has been recognized for her leadership in operating and owning a successful farming corporation. She has been named a Hunger Hero by St Mary’s Food Bank. As a member of Arizona Farm Bureau and Western Growers she is an advocate for young women in the produce industry.

“Every day she works tirelessly to manage harvesting, cooling and shipping operations," the company said in a statement. "She coordinates sales with Walmart and Costco to provide safe, delicious cantaloupe and honeydew locally and nationally and has grown her company over the past 37 years.”

The award was presented at the Arizona Agribusiness Round Table.