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Lundstrom joins Divine Flavor sales staff

David Lundstrom has become the national sales manager for the vegetable category of Divine Flavor LLC. He is a native of Nogales and will be working from the firm’s Nogales sales office.

Pedro Batiz Sr., vice president of sales, told The Produce News that he has known Lundstrom for 40 years. Their varied relationships included school, work, family and family-business relationships.2018-10-17-David-Bobbie-LundstromDavid Lundstrom and his wife, Bobbie Lundstrom.

“He has a good track record,” in the produce industry, Batiz said.

Lundstrom confirmed he has “a lot of history with the Batiz and the Bon families. Not just through the company but through the produce business.

“What struck me is when you look at the (family-owners’) core values, they want to make this a better world," said Lundstrom. "My teachers and parents said you want to leave the planet the same way you found it. But today, we need to leave it better. Divine Flavor is truly trying to make a better world.”

Lundstrom noted, “I am really honored to join Divine Flavor. I am very fortunate and grateful to be chose to represent Divine Flavor.” His sales focus will primarily be on vegetables.

Lundstrom, who said he is “62 going on 32,” has worked for many different “pioneer companies of the industry.” This includes working in the retail and terminal market sides of the business. Beyond Nogales, he has worked in California and Colorado. But he said he’s worked 30 years on the grower-shipper side of the industry, and “that is what I do best and love the most.”

Batiz noted that, “as Divine Flavor continues to grow, we want to balance youth with experience.” The workload “for the young guys is a little too much. David knows the industry well going into this.”