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Marketing VP Jessie Gunn leaves Wholesum

Jessie Gunn, the dynamic and enthusiastic vice president of marketing for Wholesum Family Farms Inc., is leaving the firm.

Ricardo Crisantes Sr., chief commercial officer for the Nogales-based firm, told The Produce News that Gunn had been very helpful in conveying Wholesum’s message on organic produce, “and we wish her the best.”2015-9-29-1134-Jessie-Gunn

Gunn said her responsibilities will be assumed by “Joanna Jaramillo, an amazing recent addition to Wholesum, our marketing coordinator.” Jaramillo reports to Crisantes.  

“It’s with a combination of heartfelt gratitude and a lot of excitement that I must share with you my decision to leave Wholesum," said Gunn. "This decision was made to help fulfill goals, visions and dreams for both work and personal life.

“It’s hard to believe that just four short years ago, I came on as Wholesum’s first-ever in-house marketing. What a journey; from first being awed by the megalith of the fresh produce, then onto developing industry partnerships and collaborations, and finding great success with defining and communicating the vision of Wholesum, all work than led to my current role as vice president of marketing.  Through it all, I have grown so much. Thank you for teaching and inspiring me and for allowing me to do the same for you.”

Gunn said, “I am headed off to explore my next chapter in the big world of produce, along with new landscapes, and remain thankful that this diverse industry of ours will keep us in touch. “I’m excited about my future and what it has to offer, while I look forward to watching Wholesum’s success as a forever fan.

“If I could leave you all with just one thought," she said, "remember to be kind, committed and above all balanced.  Afford all areas of your life the time they deserve, including yourselves.”